A Juicy Wedge

of summer you bite into when parched so sticky waterfalls down either side of unlicked lips lollops, sugar trail excites life out and beyond you, makes sun a promotional advert, appeal to the recalled child in us as we wait in the queue for an icecream, counter and smiling face you look up to above gaudy images of lollies, 99’s, look down and make a skew if salute as shield sublaze from your eyes that sting, finger the large coins in your sweaty palm while your sister whose younger tigs you and says “Your on!”, and distracted say “Sorry” to the man leant over the cliff edge of his window says, “What do you want, son?”



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I Commit

this ground to the body; earth to ashes, ashes to earth, ashes to dust; looking for the last day in the minor insurrection, and world of the life to go, dead shall take their earth and sea, sleep of those incorruptible thoughts of those awake stay the same, unmade according to the frail rework all who release themselves.


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my belongings hang by a thread nursed by house and money spiders into an intrigue of web, suspense suspended in the room of a corner reverses all expectation, ordinary skin haunts ordinary marriage wrapped and ready to have spunk and zest sucked out by the furry legged beasts that need a wax and that red face pampered freshness their creations dusted from hovel to home.


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So Ordinary I

know Orion’s Belt needs doing up. The Great Bear paces behind bars of broadband lines, tie their laces in a shoesky. Straighten tie of windows open to summer fever perfume. Pull up unholed socks and pick up your feet when you walk constellations. Don’t slouch, as it looks like you don’t want to be here amongst brassy hair, tongues and late mam’s resonant words.

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Loop The

insights of wrinkles into a sheepshank security, remove combustible cladding unsafe to kids riot in high rise youth. Action men cry at burnt out rooms alive with precious collected memories, their plastic melts with real tears as gifted flowers gather in streets hunkered support, kind cups of tea, curried delight in smiles. Hearts knot.


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