“Aye,Champion” (NaPoMo No. 5)

says my makka uncle Tommy to my Yorkshire grandad on being asked how was his journey down to see us in my Easter break from school. “He means it were chipper,” whispered Grandad when he saw me looking askance. Other words, like “bait” I had to ask about, too. “He means your “snap” said grandad. I knew “snap” meant food.

I had relatives divided by a common language and remember on my first day at a new school after we moved from West Yorkshire to South Yorkshire saying ” ‘as tha gor any spice for us laking later?” And me looking gone out, so he exaggerated the explanation “Have-You-Got-Any-Sweets-For-When-We-Play-Out-Later?” “Ah. Sorry, no.” I answered. “We’ll see thee right,” he replied. Another place is another language prize worth winning through learning. Something else they never taught you in school.

via Daily Prompt: Champion

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