My Vivid Chef

“Sausage” a bawl down our street.

Apt nickname for our neighbour

who fettled meat and two veg.

at “The Sidings”, a local pub.

He’d muscle over in his black

and white checked trousers

as we were leaving our house

to ask “Where’s tha bound?”

If we said “Art for lunch, Luke.”

He’d answer “Giz us a sec,” so

us ad potter back in, twenty mins

later he’s back with two steaming

plates of roast beef, taties and veg.

“Here,” he says “Get this down thee.”

Other times he were chief chuff

at barbecues and bring stuff over

saying “We ad some left over.

Can’t eat it all.” Then all on a sudden

he were gone. Seems as he ad a side dish

to his wife, an she found out.

via Daily Prompt: Vivid

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