Metal Underpants

Dressed for summer
in sandals and a Silver Surfer T Shirt.
Norrad the Surfer in his silver
underpants on a board
that rides the skyways
he agreed to be a herald
for the planet eater Galactus,
to stop his lover being killed
and his planet eaten by Galactus.

And he came to earth
and said you’re not eating
this one and opposed his boss
he’s exiled to earth,
unable to return
to his planet and his lover.
And it made me sad,
even though he was
dressed in his underpants.

Every story was about him
doing the best for folk
and them not understanding,
saying he was alien
and they didn’t want him.
Like you think folk do to you
when you’re a teenager,
or younger and wish
you had a planet and a lover
to fight for like a hero
in metal underpants.

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