i) Dad Says, “Don’t Take

too long off work.
You’ll get out of the habit,
and the money doesn’t last forever.”

Laxity creeps like entropy.

Again we find the gaps
work filled,

and cannot find enough
of other stuff
to fill the potholes
to make the surface smooth


A year of living easily

is ended.


When I do not achieve
a deadline my face
loses blood, feet heavier,
uglier: more double chins,
screwed newspaper wrinkles.

Should have tried
harder. Fresh rotten
stink of inadequacy.
Drive loses power.
Sparks misfire.                                                                                       I slow
.                         drift
backwards. Tyres reluctantly grip.
Clichés lob sharp stones and spit.

Mouth sour and sore.
Need to retch
a stomach of fetid air.
Waste of space. Go, move,
shift. It’s done. Plenty to do.
Snog the cliché of positivity.

Wish pleasure lasted longer.

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