The City Walls

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Kipling Road 3There is nothing of sorrow here
except the dead end, its terraced shadow.

Our current Featured Poem is ‘Kipling Road’ by Rob Hindle, the first poem in his sequence ‘Hillsborough to Middlewood, February 1931’ (in the Longbarrow Press anthology The Footing). Click here to read the poem, and to listen to Rob Hindle
reading ‘Kipling Road’ on location in Sheffield. ‘Hillsborough to Middlewood, February 1931’ retraces the short journey between Hindle’s great grandparents’ house and the South Yorkshire Asylum, where their son Harold died; this ‘one-way journey’ is also the subject of a new essay by Brian Lewis, in which the terrain mapped by the sequence is re-walked and reconsidered. Click here to read ‘Dead Ends’ on the Longbarrow Blog.

The Longbarrow archive of our Featured Poems is now accessible via a new menu, with over 50 poems indexed on separate pages (many with audio recordings and short films). Click here

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