Shopping for the cure, suddenly I stand motionless in the middle of the busy road, unable to move, in my head
I playback yesterdays news report:

“Today’s cyber doctors call it “bursting”.
A pernicious virus that renders your robot body in a permanent state
of “fight or flight”.

A glance at a daffodil, a small child
or even your own spouse will send you
into a permanent state
of what used to be called “stress”.

When cells in your thalamus detect something that requires urgent attention from the rest of the brain,
they begin “bursting” — many cells firing off simultaneous signals to get
the attention of your cortex.

Mass cells applaud
to gain your attention.
Your cyber nervous system
will respond in turn,

with short breaths,
heightened eyesight,
and a frantic facial expression.”

I see the fast cars, bikes, lorries,
hurtle towards my helpless body.

“Other symptoms,
your body may be frozen
when it walks across
a thoroughfare,
and may prove
an inconvenience
to commuters.

Cyber traffic staff
have been advised
of potential glitches.

Patches to put on
your artificial skin
to reduce these symptoms
are under rapid distribution
to local shops.”

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