firewedding balefire tales 3

One Eye disguises himsen as a refugee
 farmhand an goes to farm
 of ‘Eavy wi Sup’s brother, Baugi,

 an finds nine servants mowing hay.
 He teks art a whetstone
 from unna his cloak,
 offers to sharpen their scythes.

 They eagerly agree and attawards
 marvel how well their scythes
 cut hay. They all say
 “That’s finest whetstone
 I’ve ever seen.
 ‘ow much tha want for it?”

 One Eye answers “Aye, I’ll
 part wi it,
 but,” he warns them,
 “you must pay a high price.”

He throws stone into the air
 an in their scramble
 keen blades an scuffle
 kill each other.

 One Eye then goes to Baugi’s door
 says ” Me names Worker o’ Misfortune
 an as yon nine farmhands
 a yourn av sought
 to so basely kill
 each other over
 a dispute in field
 am offerin’ to do
 work on all nine.”

 “As reward, I’ll Av
 a sip of ‘Eavy wi Sup’s mead.”

 Baugi says ” I’ve no control of mead
 and me bro guards it jealously,
 but if tha can perform work o’ nine
 men reight
 I’ll help thee get some sup on it.”

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