firewedding balefire tales 2

tha may ask thee sen
 what happened
 to Deceiver an Screamer
 an this mead

 well, ‘nother day
 they teks giant Gilling art to sea
 drahn him fo’ sport.
 Gilling’s wife weep galls them
 so much as she passes
 under doorway
 o’ their house they drop
 a millstone on her.

 Gilling’s son, called ‘Eavy wi Sup
 learns o’ his father’s murder,
 he seizes Screamer an Deceiver
 at low tide, teks ’em art to a reef
 soon t’ be covered by wet wash
 o’ waves. Two lads say “Don’t let
 us die ‘Eavy. Please don’t.”
 ‘Eavy wi Sup says “al let thee go
 if tha gis me tha mead”

 he hides mead
 in a cave unna a mountain
 called Throbbin’ Rock
 an asks his daughter
 called ‘Tha wanna scrap’
 who agrees to look atta it.


 Nar One Eye, chief of big lads,
 fidgets an is not bakkards
 at coming forard
 in his want o’ wisdom,
 is reight naffed off
 wi rich mead hoarded
 away unna a mountain.

 He wants it fo’ himsen
 an other’s as is worth it.

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