firewedding balefire tales 4

Come end o’ growin’ season,
 One Eye has done work ont nine
 an goes wi Baugi to see
 Eavy wi Drink abaht sup o’ mead.

 ‘Eavy wi Drink says “Tha
 offered what’s mine, Baugi
 wi art a word to me.
 No, he cannot av a sup.
 The bleeding gall o’ ye!”

 One Eye, says ‘Abaht r bargain? 
 “If he won’t agree to yourn
 bargain wi me then
 you’ve got to gi us leg up t’
 get inta Tha Wanna Scrap’s cave.”
 ” I’m ashamed o’ ma bloody bro.
 Aye, I’ll help thee. It’s least…”

 Baugi leads way to nearest part
 o’ t’ cave.  One Eye teks an auger
 from unna his cloak, hands it
 to Baugi for him to drill

 through t’ rock. Baugi does so,
 and after much towin’ announces
 “T ‘ oyle’s finished.”

 One Eye blows inta t’oyle
 an rock-dust blows back
 inta his kite,
 he  knows Baugi lies.

 One Eye says “Tha should finish
 what tha start.”  So giant drills agin.
 Baugi proclaims ” T’oyle’s done”

 One Eye blows into t’ oyle.
 There’s no blowback. One Eye
 says “Cheers mate.” changes
 inta a snake an slithers through t’oyle.

 Baugi stabs auger atta him
 but One Eye meks it through
 Once inside, he changes agin
 inta a young man an meks his way

 to where Tha Wanna Scrap  guards
 mead. He wins her favour an she says

 “If tha’ll sleep with us fo’ three neets
 I’ll  gi ye three sips o’ us mead. ”
 Atta’d third night, One Eye goes
 t’ mead, which is in three vats, drinks contents on all in single sup.

 He changes into an eagle,
 flies off toward big lads oam
 with his prize in his throat.

 ‘Eavy Wi Drink discovers One Eyes’  trick changes to an eagle an all an giz chase

 When the big lads see boss
 ont way wi ‘Eavy Wi Drink close
 behind they set art several
 vessels at edge o’ t’ oam.

 One Eye reaches oam
 afore ‘Eavy can catch him,
 and ‘Eavy backs off.

 As One Eye comes to t’ vessels
 he throws up mead into them
 like a bird to its bairns.

 Few drops fall from his beak to us
 here. These drops are t’ source on all
 skills a bad an mediocre poets an scholars.

 True poets and scholars
 One Eye giz his mead
 hissen and wi care.

 Raise thee jars nar, a final
 as tha needs a kip.
 Time t’ get some
 shuteye an fast on.

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