The Employer and the Boggarts

Employer bought a new mine,
 according to employer,
 worked by squat, hairy boggarts

 Boggarts told their children: “We’ll

 boggarts told employer “You cannot
 mine here. It is ours
 and you have no right to it”

 Employer said ‘Ive paid good money
 for the mine and by right
 I ought to be able to use it.’

 Pair argued for a whole day,
 before agreeing employer
 mine pit on condition
 they share the coal.  Employer,

 being a sly old fox wanted
 coal for himself. “Which part
 of the coal will you take for your share?  Below ground or above it?”

 Boggarts agreed to below. When time came boggarts went below, and shocked
 to see rich coal moving on belts upwards where they could not  profit of it.

 Angrily, boggarts said “Next
 time, we’ll have  above.

 Employer closed  mine
 landscaped the land.  When time
 came, employer stood over his creation
 while boggarts were angry
 as no coal came from below.

 Boggarts told their children
 “We do not have wage,
 cannot afford mortgage”
 Boggart wives and husbands,
 told their spouses ‘It’s not your
 fault, it’s mine.’ and divorced.
 When time came Boggarts left.

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