the oaksongs

How can you be in two places
 at once? I asked. A Christian
 friend replied ” You can have
 one foot inside the door
 and the other foot outside.”

 You would be forever
 on the threshold, neither
 one nor the other, or both.
 A fence sitter, neither
 Summer or Winter
 God or Man.

 Would you sacrifice the other
 to be wholly another? To step
 in and close the door
 shut out the weather
 from the other side.

 Are you coming in or what?
 Your letting in a right breeze?
 Put wood in the hole.
 Decide whether your in or out!

I watch the traffic lights
 consider a walk this way or
 a green man allows me
 to avoid bloodied bone

 my mouth and ears
 thresholds and doors
 full of oaklimbs and leaves

 reborn I stretch down
 to deep dark moist

 I stretch up to cloudlight
 barkskin palmtouched
 I let others breathe
 shelter and endure


moors were once forests
 national parks heavy industrial
 this oak headland a pitsite

 lads snap off livelimbs
 anarchic coppicing
 black dogshitbags sway
 on limbs left alone

 don’t visit in a storm
 oaks are lightningtrees
 people can be oaks

 oakgroves of druids
 duir means a door
 exit and entrance

 raw open wounds of sacrifice
 still bleed sap

 this hand has molded
 a garden out of wildlife
 words out of nonsense

 she used to say “when
 one door closes
 another opens”

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