A Second Riffing

Photographs of delerium deceive
Mimeographs of insects believe
Radiographs of horribilis dear
Craniographs of fabulous fear

Take the ladder of sight into home
Rake the matter of flight into loam
Brake on platters of plight into roam
Ache in tatters of light zone

Sunlight is finelight is wildlight
Lifetime is wildlife is darklife
Finelight is darktime is moonlife
Deadwild is lifelight is darktime

Seasons are ripe control artists
Autumn swells a tuber orchestra
Winter times a criminal cold watch
Spring flames a filigree wish
Summer fry

History schools disguise hinges gold
Works marks eyeteeth buys goodnews
In letters as big as you like miserable
wherever it goes at the time

History restores fire original grounds
Polished integrity shines shoes
in worn leather arette discerns all
beauty remarkable story in time

Tea towel the evidence of tears
In the fabric of a face distraught
at broken crockery of living
Dissolved in the birth of Why.

Run the tap of silence till it goes cold
Rip the shower map of patience
Undone by the bath of life
Crazy at the loss of switches

Hunt down a crisis of coffee jars
Find wonderful in a winos fears
Wind up a clock that one son
Happenstance often disappears

Hit critical button pop up dolled down whimsical forgot me not blues
Hard assed holy mother of knives
in cracked wisdom tooth news

Caustic delivery hides hints and tints
Highly organised finery total respect
Oranges juice out frets of guitars
Willingly dissect green bins

Finest disarmament heals horror filled theatres bloody cogs log timidity
Terrorise frigidity in a week of woe
a great deal more like number.

Dance time crunch time grey time
Flounce your skulls into bounce
Castles in a sky of cat bowls half eaten hidden menus of menace

Let bygones be sandwiches made for you in the neatest handwriting all over the willingness of your body of truth or dare trembles terror

So much is about where we are in our days of telling each other where we are not half suspecting they know already the half truth you give

May you dream on the edge of time with the wild things and happen upon sanity when a penny drops in the morning

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