The Riffage

Clamped in the upright station of the world
Drowned in the come uppance daylight
Hunkered half light knowingness
Hefts hollow along kerbside

Ferret the mammal heart of the world
Become harsh chandeliers
Become rude shoeless adjectives
verb your character into business

letteropen an alphabet of fire,
a draining board of desire
a kitchen cupboard of flesh
a knifeblock of words
unseating themselves

Griddle down lightning days
Heavying nights moisten to open
Forgiveness in a handshake of trees
a massage of fields amid the nursery
Of war

record visual media
stand to attention wall
mounted retreat into hill
stations of past lives
lived hands free
autobot rainbow of perception

Tinker, tinker with children’s toys
repair your own gored scars
fix bro
ken and Barbie cars without
wheels   pieces
lost toothless jigsaw

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