The Ancient Woodland

Ancient Woodland Wood Sage,

Bluebell, Bush Vetch,

Bugle, Yellow Archangel,

Dog’s Mercury,

Slender St John’s-wort,


all in a Monk’s prayer

Multi stemmed rough barked Oak,

smoother Hazel trees abound

 where miners various strikes

hunted family warming fire wood.

Above as book leafed pressed trees

Carboniferous Coal measures

Sandstone crumbles

cooing Collared Dove,

Green Woodpecker knock,

Wren, Mistle Thrush,

Treecreeper, Song Thrush

fledge amongst Oak and Hazel.

Sparrowhawk hunt

Kestrel still point

Kingfisher blue flash above Bream

An industrial brown serpentine sludge

oozing round corners

of heavily employed industry

reinvented by collapse

recovered it’s pre

Industrial self

Into fish, fowl, mammal,

Ancient woodland.

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