Invisible Town Dies

People act in permanent urgent enquiry. Events, others must be analysed, dissected, discussed. Eyes wide taking it all in.

Where there is no rest. All is doing, action. No one sleeps, no comfortable places. There is hard work and harder. All sweat.

Sweet smells are abhorred. Only rank, decaying substance must adorn necks, wrists, showers/baths. Stink is good, pong better

Has been found dead, its outline in the street. Another town/city has taken its identity. It has been absorbed into growing

Attends its own funeral/baptism. Respectfully dressed. Remembers blanket over its face, then around its young form.

Catches glimpses of itself in other places, same street pattern, same shops and wonders whom is copying whom.

Where everything is one size bigger, or smaller than you need it to be. Clothes hang, pinch, portions bloat/starve.

When you need to be quick, there’s always a queue one person who takes ages, your shoe breaks, you spill a drink, something

Items are only sold in twos or threes when you only want one, or its BOGOF when you want one at half price.

The idea of a shop is unknown. People know which items they own are equal value to others. Know others by word of mouth.

Amidst the carnage of Peace, War continues as if nothing has happened. Remembrance of Peace in War, War in Peace.

Quiet light in trees canopy. Quiet light warms pavement stone walls graves. Quiet light falls as this hand falls

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