Invisible Garden (Ongoing series about ignored but business maintained edges)

without second glance grass, rushed passed to reach a car. Regularly mown. White feather bone between brown blades twitches

Industrial Estate herbaceous plot client/employee pleasant, cans caught by 2 shrubs. No flowers, yellow provided by weed.

Invisible Garden: car park grass, daisies tiny suns, yellow splashes among sunburnt brown, new green, tab ends, grass explores beyond border

2 thoughts on “Invisible Garden (Ongoing series about ignored but business maintained edges)

  1. Dear Paul,
    In response to your tweet 5.8.2014.

    I’m almost ashamed to admit that I haven’t read much poetry in my lifetime, but since following yourself and Ian Mcmillan on twitter have become much more aware.
    I do read quite often and prefer factual books like biographies, modern history, humour, sport etc.My passion however is motor racing, but I won’t bore you with that subject!
    I find your writing most interesting and enjoyable, makes me stop, think, and use my imagination. With all the bad news, prejudice and aggression that floods the media these days, its a pleasure to read your tweets and blogs.
    With best wishes.

    • Thank you, Keith. I am heartened by your words. It is wonderful that the work makes you ‘s too, think and use your imagination’. It is more than I could expect from my work. I am extremely grateful for your comments.

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