Woodland Before And After

1. Burning Brashing

Sat back breathing bark
Small insects crawl
Down tree stretched above
inhabit hair
Worn gloves
Bruised brashing branches firewood

Breathe wet peat,
Damp soil, leaf decay,
Autumn dead leaf dance,
Spring bluebell wend
Summer sacred stainglass canopy sunshaft flame play
Winter heavesnow clear paths

Sat back breathing bark
canopy leaf horizon
floats shimmers




2. Woodland Boxed

Lift small boxes wooden lid smell
Broadleaved woodland
Before Rail/Road

Press plastic button hear
Skylarks, Meadow Pipits, Woodpeckers,
Before Rail/Road

Reach inside through rubber feel

rough bark, peaty soil, leaf texture

Before Rail/Road

Press plastic button watch
Videowalk ancient Beech, Oak, Birch
Before Rail/Road

Electronic Ringtone.
We would like to advise all visitors
The museum is closing soon.
Please exit through main door.
We hope you have enjoyed your visit.
Thankyou for visiting. Please come again.

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