His Catapult

Neighbour’s lad gets a grin out of pot shots at birdlife in my garden. Thinks I can’t see him between slats of broken fence. Dead birds litter my lawn. I’ve told his mam, Alice who says he thinks he’s in Jurassic World to kill dinosaurs. I wish he weren’t so wick and could see these dinosaurs don’t bite. I’ll fetch him round to bury his dead, and have a quiet word.

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Unmoored (From “A World Where” chapbook)

All must be unconnected, released. No contact with another person. Freedom is every person as a hermit, a recluse. Homes are not in gathered buildings, another person’s home should be out of sight, over the next hill. What need have you for phones, computers, TV and radio, letters and all other post? Aloneness is not loneliness. Contact only brings grief. Enjoy life. Cultivate your own veg, milk your own cows. Help is not needed. If it is, then you want problems and pain. Strength is in independence from it all.

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored